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ConvertPlus URL parameters


To start selling with 2Checkout you need to redirect shoppers to 2Checkout`s hosted secure ConvertPlus checkout. Depending on your desired workflow, you can either create ordering interface links using our dedicated interface (ConvertPlus) or generate the parameters dynamically, in your own system.


Eligible 2Checkout accounts. Contact 2Checkout to inquire about ConvertPlus. 


Configure at least one product to generate a ConvertPlus link. 

Query parameters 

 When you generate a checkout link, 2Checkout automatically includes some of the parameters in the list below in the URL, depending on a number of variables, such as the products, discounts, currency, and more. You can use these query parameters to generate checkout links in your own system, without having to rely on the functionality in you account. 




prod Required Product codes added to checkout, separated by a semicolon.

Do not use spaces or blanks. Example: prod=46CC15F39;7488E17CC0. Product codes are assigned by you at the moment you are adding new products.

In the Control Panel, click to edit a product, and select the Information tab. The Product code of the item you're editing is available at the top of the General area under Information.

Warning: Changing a product code already used in active buy links will completely break the checkout flow for those links. If you change a product code, make sure all your buy links for that product are replaced with new links generated with your current product code.



The number of units (quantity) for each product in checkout, separated by semicolon ;. Do not use spaces or blanks. Example: qty=2;1.

qty works in conjunction with prod, based on their respective order. The first value of the qty parameter controls the number of units for the products whose identifier is in the first position of the prod parameter. 


merchant Required Your merchant identification code. The merchant code is available in Settings > Edit system settings, under the System settings tab.



Promotion coupon code discounting the price of a product added to checkout. You can send multiple values separated by semicolon when standalone coupons discount different products added to checkout. 
For example: [...]&coupon=voucher1;voucher2[...]



Preselected billing currency 2Checkout uses to charge your customers.



2Checkout redirects your shoppers to a custom URL after they successfully place an order. When using success-url you bypass 2Checkout’s hosted ‘Thank You’ page for instant payment methods (this impacts any tracking set up in the page) but not for offline payment methods such as bank/wire transfer.

lang Optional

Defines the language for the order interface. English is the default language.

Available values:

  • ar = العربية Arabic
  • bg = български език Bulgarian
  • cs = Česky Czech
  • da = Dansk Danish
  • de = Deutsch German
  • el = Ελληνικά Greek
  • en = English
  • es = Español Spanish
  • fa = فارسی Persian
  • fi = Suomi Finnish
  • fr = Français French
  • he = Hebrew עִבְרִית
  • hi = Hindi
  • hr = Hrvatski jezik Croatian
  • hu = Magyar Hungarian
  • it = Italiano Italian
  • ja = 日本語 Japanese
  • ko = 한국어 Korean
  • nl = Nederlands Dutch
  • no = Norsk Norwegian
  • pl = Polski Polish
  • pt = Português Portuguese
  • pt-br = Português do Brasil Brazilian Portuguese
  • ro = Română Romanian
  • ru = Русский Russian
  • sk = Slovenčina Slovak
  • sl = Slovène Slovenian
  • sr = Serbian
  • sv = Svenska Swedish
  • th = ไทย Thai
  • tr = Türkçe Turkish
  • zh = 中文 Chinese Simplified(Cantonese)
  • zy = 繁体中文 Chinese Mandarin Traditional
opt Optional

Defines the product pricing options.


URL formating rules:


":" is considered a pair separator

  • 1 product with 1 price option with 1 value (includes scale option type)
    • prod=code1&opt=gr1:val1
  • 1 product with 1 price option with multiple values
    • prod=code1&opt=gr1:val1:val2


"," is considered a value separator

  • 1 product with 2 price options with 1 value each
    • prod=code1&opt=gr1:val1,gr2:val2
  • 1 product with 2 price options with multiple values each
    • prod=code1&opt=gr1:val1:val2,gr2:val3:val4


";" is considered a parameter separator between products

  • 2 products with 1 price option containing 1 value
    • prod=code1;code2&opt=gr1:val1;gr2:val2
  • 2 products with 1 price option containing multiple values
    • prod=code1;code2&opt=gr1:val1:val2;gr2:val3:val4
  • 2 products with 2 price options containing 1 value each
    • prod=code1;code2&opt=gr1:val1,gr2:val2;gr3:val3,gr4:val4
  • 2 products with 2 price options containing multiple values each
    • prod=code1;code2&opt=gr1:val1:val2,gr2:val3:val4;gr3:val5:val6,gr4:val7:val8



Use this parameter to identify the source of your sales (which links are performing better). You can assign standalone link identifiers to each link. For instance, if there are two buy links on your website, one in the product page and another one in the download page, you can track the source page by entering the following parameters: src=prodpage for the product page or src=dldpage for the link on the download page

(dldpage and prodpage are example strings only, you can use any combination).



Use test=1 to place test orders. Exclude for regular order. Dummy credit card details are provided so you can test the entire order placing process. Guidance on the 2Checkout test ordering system is available here.

Test cards

Card number












Use case. To achieve the desired result use the corresponding cardholder names.

Cardholder name

  • Successful authorization for the initial transaction and all recurring charges. 

John Doe

  • Successful authorization for the initial transaction and manual renewal transactions but recurring charges fail to authorize with the Insufficient Funds error message.

Mike Doe

  • Successful authorization for the initial transaction and manual renewal transactions but recurring charges fail to authorize with the Stolen Card error message.

Jenny Doe

  • Insufficient funds

Mona Doe

  • Try again later

Mark Doe

  • Stolen card

Red Doe

  • Authentication failed

Joy Doe

  • Expired card

Angela Doe

  • Invalid card number

Adrian Doe

  • Invalid CVV

Jack Doe