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Inline Checkout


Inline Checkout acts as an iframe that opens on your website, enabling you to receive payments without redirecting your customers to a third party checkout.

Integrate Inline Checkout and:

  • Offer your customers the possibility of purchasing using mobile devices with a responsive cart design, which renders well on a variety of devices and screen sizes.
  • Improve your localization strategy, with a cart translated into 29 languages, and +130 transactional currencies for displaying the price.
  • Minimize the customer effort during the purchase by passing the collected billing/shipping information to Inline Checkout.

Inline Checkout integrates ideally with shopping cart applications that collect customer billing and shipping information, allowing you to pass that information over to the cart, and minimize customer's efforts during the payment process.

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Inline Checkout is available for accounts that have ConvertPlus enabled on their account. Contact 2Checkout for activation.


We're continuously working on improving the Inline Checkout experience. Read here the full list of features supported and current limitations of Inline Checkout.

Dynamic product information

Inline Checkout enables you to receive payments without having products defined in your 2Checkout Control Panel. Send the product information dynamically to Inline Checkout, and receive payments without the need of a product catalog in 2Checkout.

How to integrate Inline Checkout

To integrate Inline Checkout with you shopping cart, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Setup > Generate links area.
  2. Click the Inline Checkout tab.
  3. Copy the JavaScript library generated by our platform and paste it in your shopping cart application JavaScript code. 

Collect payments with Inline Checkout

After you integrate the Inline Checkout JavaScript code in your backend application, you get access to the library that allows you to add products, control billing and shipping details and start the checkout process. 

To collect payments with Inline Checkout, you need to:

  1. Send your Merchant Code
  2. Add products to cart
  3. Start the Checkout process

Sending the merchant code

When loading the cart application, send the checkout mode and your merchant code. Use the following setter methods to send this information:

  •  setMerchant (required) - for the merchant code. Your merchant code can be found in your Control Panel, in the Account Settings page.
  •  setMode (optional) - based on the product type. The default product mode is CATALOG. Use DYNAMIC only for orders placed with dynamic product information.

add products to cart

After sending your merchant code, use the add method to pass the product information to Inline Checkout. Use the code parameter as the product identified, and quantity to determine how many products are included in cart.

Start the checkout 

After adding products in cart, start the Inline Checkout experience by using the checkout method. Starting the checkout method will display the payment overlay on your website.

Sample request

The below request represents a basic use of Inline Checkout, that allows your users to finalize purchases directly from your website via a secure payment form.

TwoCoInlineCart.setup.setMerchant('merchantCode'); // your Merchant code

    code: 'the-2co-product-code',
    quantity: 3
}); // add products to cart

TwoCoInlineCart.cart.checkout(); // start checkout process
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