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Create proposal


Use the createProposal method via SOAP APIv6 to add/create a new quote.

Request Parameters

Parameters Type Required/Optional Description
proposal Object Required  
proposalContent Object Required  
lineItems Object Required  
sessionId String Required Unique 2Checkout session ID code.

Request sample


require ('PATH_TO_AUTH');

$proposal = new stdClass();
$proposal->Type = "acquisition";
$proposal->BillTo = new stdClass();
$proposal->BillTo->Company = "Billing company";
$proposal->Content = new stdClass();
$proposal->Content->Language = "EN";
$proposal->Content->Currency = "USD";
$proposal->Content->LineItems =  array();
$lineItem = new stdClass();
$lineItem->ProductName = "My Product Name";
$lineItem->ProductCode = "5DCB30C6B0";
$lineItem->Quantity = 1;
$lineItem->Price = 54.2;
$lineItem->DiscountedPrice = 50;
$lineItem->PriceType = "net";
$lineItem->ContractPeriod = 0;
$proposal->Content->LineItems[0] = $lineItem;
$proposal->tac = new stdClass();
$proposal->tac->content = "Lorem ipsum.";
$proposal->SellTo = new stdClass();
$proposal->SellTo->Company = "End user company";

try {
    $results = $soapClient->createProposal($sessionID, $proposal);
    echo "New proposal created: </br>", 
catch (SoapFault $e) {
    echo "Could not create proposal: " . $e->getMessage();


The createProposal call via SOAP API returns a Proposal object.

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