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Trustpay is a European payment service provider that supports real-time bank transfers for shoppers in:

  • The Czech Republic
  • Slovakia


All 2Checkout accounts.

Supported currencies

TrustPay supports two billing currencies: EUR, CZK.

Activation steps

Go to Payment methods and enable TrustPay.

Purchase flow

  1. Shoppers select one of the TrustPay supported countries in the shopping cart.
  2. They select TrustPay as their payment method.
  3. They place the order.
  4. 2Checkout redirects shoppers to TrustPay.
  5. Shoppers select their bank and log in to their online banking account. Depending on the bank, QR code payments are also available.
  6. Once shoppers complete the payment, we redirect them to the Thank you page.
  7. 2Checkout marks the order as complete as soon as TrustPay sends back an Instant Payment Notification.
  8. Shoppers receive the Payment receipt and Electronic delivery emails from 2Checkout.

Note: You can configure unfinished payment follow-up emails from the Control Panel.

Recurring billing

TrustPay does not support recurring transactions, so subscription renewals can only be done manually.


TrustPay supports order refunds.

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