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Supports online payments from shoppers in the United States who do not have a credit or debit card or who prefer to pay with cash and not share their sensitive financial info on the Internet. PayNearMe is available at local stores across the U.S., including in excess of 6,400 Cash at 7-Eleven/Family Dollar/ACE stores nationwide.


  1. When placing the order, shoppers in the United States can select Cash at 7-Eleven/Family Dollar/ACE as a payment option.
  2. On the next page, they'll need to click on the PayNearMe button to access the PayNearMe website.
  3. Customers have to follow the instructions on the screen to make the payment, namely create an account and set a password, if they don't already have one, in which case they can log in directly. The shopper email address and zip code are already filled in with the details provided in the 2Checkout checkout page. They'll also have to opt for one of the two methods available: Pay With Printer or Pay With Mobile.
  4. For the Pay With Printer option, customers will be presented with the payment slip which contains a bar-coded invoice and guidance on how to complete the payment. Transactions can be done at local stores across the U.S., with over 6,400 7-Eleven stores accepting Cash at 7-Eleven/Family Dollar/ACE payments. An email with payment instructions will also be sent to shoppers' email address in case the slip needs to be reprinted. Directions to the closest participating stores are also provided on the webpage and via email.

At the 7-Eleven store the clerk scans the barcode and accepts the cash. At the same time, 2Checkout receives a payment notification and completes the transaction by sending the product to the shopper's email address.

For the Pay With Mobile option, customers can pay with their mobile phones and a FREE PayNearMe Card. The phone number they provide will be used to identify them. Next, shoppers need to picked up a free PayNearMe Card from a 7-Eleven, and call or text PayNearMe, according to the instructions on the back of the card using the phone which they supplied when they select the Pay With Mobile option. At the 7-Eleven, they should have the free card available and ask to load it with the specific sum of money necessary to pay the order.

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