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QIWI is an offline and online payment method popular with Russian customers, but also available in a number of other markets worldwide. Transactions can be made via the "QIWI Wallet" website, self-service terminals and QIWI payment points; as well as mobile phones.

According to official QIWI statistics, there are over 100,000 kiosks available to customers worldwide. QIWI reached a number of 80 million potential users, and currently averages 12 million transactions daily through payment terminals. The audience of QIWI Wallet is up to 11 million, averaging some 650.000 transactions daily.


  1. Shoppers select QIWI as their payment method when placing an order in the Avangate system. Note: a valid mobile phone number in international format is required for QIWI.
  2. Users need to enter the same mobile phone number used to log into their QIWI account (their QIWI account number) in international format, just as in the example below. After they press the "Place order" button below, they have the option of navigating to the QIWI Wallet website, log in, identify the order placed and pay it, or finish the payment later at their preferred QIWI terminal.
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