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Selling restrictions

Per-product selling restrictions

2Checkout enables you to take advantage of functionality designed to restrict the sales of products in specific markets or for certain payment methods.

Essentially, you can limit product sales into:

  • A specific country
  • Multiple countries

At the same time, you can block product sales that involve

  • A specific payment method
  • Multiple payment methods

Reasons for restrictions vary, but can include the need to adhere to the applicable laws, regulations, controls, policies, etc. of the country / countries in which your company operates, including embargoes.

Restrict sales in specific countries based on credit cards

In addition to per-product selling restriction, 2Checkout also enables you to restrict sales to customers in specific markets based on the credit card they're using. This feature blocks an entire range of cards based on the first 6 digits of the credit card number (the Issuer Identification Number (IIN), or on the bank identification number (BIN)). This setting impacts your entire account, whereas per-product restrictions apply only to specific offerings.

2Checkout displays the following message to customers: "The payment could not be processed due to legal restrictions related to the country associated with this card. Please retry with a different card or choose to finalize the order with a different payment method."

Please contact 2Checkout directly if you require product sales to be restricted.

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