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Instant Payment Notifications


The 2Checkout system automatically sends IPNs (Instant Payment Notifications) based on specific processes triggered by either you or your shopper.

The IPN_PURCHASE_ORDER_INFO parameter’s values refer to the reason why the ORDERSTATUS parameter has a certain value. To see the IPN_PURCHASE_ORDER_INFO parameter in the IPN, you must first enable it from the Control Panel.


  1. Log in to your 2Checkout account.
  2. Go to Account settings.
  3. Click Edit system settings.
  4. Go to IPN settings.
  5. Check the IPN_PURCHASE_ORDER_INFO checkbox
  6. Click Save.

IPN status list

For a better understanding of when 2Checkout sends IPNs, consult the table below.

Activity Order status (Control Panel) PO status (Control Panel) IPN triggered (Yes/No) IPN ORDERSTATUS IPN_PURCHASE_ORDER_INFO
Order placed by customer using PO Unfinished Awaiting form submission Yes PENDING NEW_PURCHASE_ORDER
Customer uploads PO document Unfinished Awaiting form submission No N/A N/A
PO approved by 2Checkout support team Unfinished Awaiting your confirmation No N/A N/A
PO approved by you Unfinished Awaiting payment Yes (after electronic delivery) PURCHASE_PENDING PENDING_PAYMENT
PO paid by customer Finished Complete Yes COMPLETE COMPLETE
Payment not received within time interval Unfinished Expired, not paid Yes PURCHASE_PENDING EXPIRED_NO_PAYMENT
Payment not received within time interval + 90 days Canceled Canceled, not paid Yes CANCELED EXPIRED_NO_PAYMENT
Document not received within time interval Canceled Expired, form not received Yes CANCELED EXPIRED_NO_DOCUMENT
Rejected by you Canceled Rejected Yes CANCELED REJECTED
You don’t approve nor reject the PO within time interval Canceled Expired, PO not confirmed Yes CANCELED EXPIRED_NO_CONFIRMATION
2Checkout cancels the order Canceled Canceled by 2Checkout Yes CANCELED CANCELED
You cancel the PO via API Canceled Canceled via API Yes CANCELED CANCELED_API

For POs using the 2Checkout API and setting auto-approval to false the initial status of the PO is AWAITING_UPLOAD, corresponding to an order status of Unfinished.

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