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Purchase Orders overview


Purchase Orders are shopper-generated commercial documents set up to act as offers to acquire products/services. They contain details such as the type, quantity, pricing info, as well as additional information of the products or services you provide to customers. A Purchase Order becomes a sales contract binding the parties after you approve it.

Should you have any specific questions on how to use Purchase Orders with 2Checkout, we highly encourage you to refer to our extensive documentation.


This type of payment method is designed exclusively for business customers worldwide. Filling in the company name is mandatory when providing billing information during the purchase process.

To allow your customers to place Purchase Orders, you need to make sure this feature is active on your account. Contact 2Checkout to confirm the availability of Purchase Orders on your account.

If you need to apply specific terms to individual Purchase Orders, 2Checkout allows you to set a custom payment term to any PO, before confirming it. This feature is available on-demand, so you need to contact 2Checkout to enable it for your account.

How to enable Purchase Orders

  1. Log in to your 2Checkout Merchant Control Panel.
  2. Navigate to Setup → Ordering options → Payments methods.
  3. Scroll down to the Purchase order and enable the option by clicking on the Activate button.
  4. If the payment method is already activated, the settings will look as in the image below.

purchase order in cPanel.png

5. Since Purchase Orders involve fulfillment/delivery of the product before payment, you also need to decide on the maximum amount of time you would like to give your customers for completing payment. You can configure this option here for up to 90 days.

PO delay.png

Supported payment methods

Shoppers can pay for Purchase Orders with either one of the following payment methods:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Wire/Bank transfer
  • Direct Debit
  • Other payment methods activated for your account

Recurring billing

2Checkout supports recurring billing (auto-renewal) for subscriptions acquired with Purchase Orders. The 2Checkout system performs automatic recurrent charges for subscriptions purchased with POs for which customers finalized the payment using credit cards, Direct Debit or PayPal. Important: Shoppers can use Purchase Orders to manually renew their subscriptions.

Purchase flow

  1. The shopper selects the Purchase Order as a payment method when placing the order. Customers using Purchase Orders (POs) as the payment method during the ordering process have the option of setting identifiers for their orders designed to track and manage purchases in their own system. The Shopper reference number or Internal PO Number entered during the ordering process will be included in:
    • The invoice generated once the order is approved
    • In the Order Search Export file
    • IPN (Instant Payment Notification)
    • Past-due Purchase Order payment notifications
    • Order level details page for the purchase
  2. 2Checkout registers the order.
  3. The shopper receives a Finalize your payment email with a pre-filled Purchase Order form that he or she must sign and send back to 2Checkout.
  4. The shopper sends the PO to 2Checkout by fax, email or uploads it directly via a secure connection. 2Checkout automatically places the process of delivering orders for which PO was selected as the payment option on hold until the shopper provides the signed Purchase Order form.
  5. The 2Checkout anti-fraud team verifies every PO in detail. If the document uploaded is incomplete or contains incorrect details, the 2Checkout team informs the shopper about the incomplete Purchase Order form via email and provides guidance on the next steps.
  6. If you have configured your account to be notified of pending POs, you receive a notification email (sent to the email address defined under Order Notifications Email) informing you about the Purchase Order when 2Checkout approves it.
  7. The PO form will be uploaded as a part of the order it’s tied to and shared with you for confirmation. You can find it in Control Panel, on the order’s page. The shopper also receives the Purchase Order #[order reference] - status update email confirmation and more information regarding the products/services delivery.
  8. You confirm or reject the PO in the Purchase Orders area of the Control Panel, located under Orders & customers. In this section, you can also view the Purchase Order form. If you approve the PO, 2Checkout delivers the Finalize your payment – [order reference] order email to the shopper with instructions on how he or she can finalize the payment.
    • You can auto-approve purchase orders at the moment the PO form is submitted. This feature is available on-demand, so you need to contact 2Checkout to enable it for your account.
  9. The shopper finalizes the payment via one of the available payment methods. For bank/wire transfer, the shopper needs to use the payment information below. Also, during the payment process, the shopper can also enable the automatic renewal for the order.


If shoppers don’t pay for the order within the Purchase Order time limit, the online payment methods from the Finalizing the order email don’t work anymore. Shoppers can only pay for the order through wire transfer or check after the Purchase Order time limit expires.


  • Credit/debit card
  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Bank / Wire transfer
  • Other payment methods activated for your account 
  • For Avangate B.V:
    1. Account Holder/Beneficiary: Avangate BV
    2. Bank account: 0487369908
    3. Bank: Rabobank N.A
    4. Swift Code / BIC: RABOUS66XXX
    5. Routing number/ABA: ABA 122238420; WESTLAKE VILLAGE, 2663 TOWNSGATE RD
  • For 2Checkout Inc.:
    1. Account Holder/Beneficiary: 2Checkout INC
    2. Bank account: 3300578784
    3. Bank: Silicon Valley Bank
    4. Swift Code / BIC: SVBKUS6S
    5. Routing number/ABA: 121140399

11. 2Checkout receives the payment and updates the order status to Complete.

12. You receive the payment from 2Checkout.

Canceling purchase orders

To cancel a purchase order, regardless of the purchase order status, follow the steps below.

  1. In your Merchant Control Panel, navigate to Orders & customers → Purchase orders.
  2. Search for the order you want to cancel and click its reference number.
  3. Click Cancel purchase order.

You can set a custom date for the cancelation of purchase orders after the expiration of the payment terms set by you. If the payment terms set by you (i.e. 30 days) expire, you can choose to have the PO canceled right away, skipping the 'Expired, not paid' status.

The custom period for PO cancelation can be set on-demand, so you need to contact 2Checkout to enable it for your account.

Purchase order email notifications

If you enable the email monitor for Purchase Order emails, you will receive all of the shopper emails. 2Checkout sends follow-up emails in the following situations:

  • Purchase Order Confirmation – after the shopper has placed the order
  • Finalize your payment – after you have accepted the order
  • Purchase Order Status Update in the following cases:
    • You did not receive the PO and the order has expired
    • You failed to validate the order
    • You canceled the order
    • Your order confirmation is expected
    • Payment is due in 7 days
    • Payment is due in 1 day
    • Payment was due
    • The order has been canceled
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