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Dynamic 3-D Secure


3-D Secure is a system designed to increase security of online transactions using cards by checking customer identities before allowing them to finalize purchase. 3-D Secure works by redirecting customers to pages provided by their banks, where they need to enter additional security tokens or password to trigger the completion of the charge. By using 3-D Secure, you get additional protection from liability for fraudulent card payments, with customers having to go through an extra layer of authentication.


Dynamic 3-D Secure is based on the 3-D Secure service offered by Visa and MasterCard, which is an additional security layer for authenticating cardholders online. 2Checkout uses Dynamic 3-D secure to bring increased transaction acceptance levels on a per-country basis and extra protection against fraudulent purchases.


All 2Checkout accounts.

Dynamic 3-D Secure workflow

Based on a set of specific filters and corresponding thresholds, 2Checkout enables or disables 3-D Secure in real time for online transactions. This approach provides a seamless payment experience for low-risk shoppers and optimized conversion rates for your business.

The filters used to determine whether or not 3-D Secure should be enabled include:

  • Card issuing country
  • Billing country
  • IP country
  • Transaction amount

2Checkout enables 3-D Secure for transactions which it evaluates and flags with a high degree of risk, based on specific filter thresholds. Safe transactions go through without 3-D Secure.

2Checkout also offers the possibility to disable 3-D Secure for all transactions in a specific country, bypassing all the filters. Contact 2Checkout to inquire about switching off Dynamic 3-D Secure for your account. 


2Checkout uses Dynamic 3-D Secure to bring increased transaction acceptance levels and extra protection against fraudulent purchases. The added value Dynamic 3-D Secure brings to the table consists in real-time transaction evaluation methods that determine whether or not 3-D Secure should be enabled.

Dynamic 3-D Secure improves the overall shopping experience on multiple levels:

  • Increased authorization rates - tests have shown that 3-D Secure can have an overwhelmingly positive impact in specific countries.
  • Mitigated fraud risks - using 3-D Secure for risky transactions decreases fraud rate.
  • Less chargebacks - the use of 3-D Secure can reduce the number of chargebacks in situations such as fraudulent or unrecognized transactions.
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