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Mobile Checkout Interface Decommissioning


From August 31st, we are discontinuing the Mobile Cart solution and replacing it with updated checkout flows that offer responsive templates and additional benefits for your shoppers.

What do you need to do?

  • Switch to the new checkout flows –  You can choose between the latest hosted cart template (Omnicart Flow) or the most recent, mobile-friendly ordering engines ConvertPlus or InLine Checkout. All three shopping carts have customizable templates that you can tailor according to your shoppers' needs.
    • Once you update your buy-links for the Omnicart Flow template or for the ConvertPlus/InLine Checkout, all your shoppers will see the new template during checkout, no matter what mobile device they use to make the purchase.
  • Take no action – If you haven't made your selection before August 31st, your shoppers will be automatically redirected to the Omnicart Flow when using a mobile device to make a purchase from your website post this date.


Should you have any questions about the Mobile cart decommissioning, please address them at and our Merchant Support team will be happy to help you out.

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