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InLine Checkout Guide

This page guides you through the Inline Checkout steps and flows to help you integrate this checkout method and use it to your advantage to increase your sales.

1. Find out what Inline Checkout is, its availability and how to integrate into your checkout flow. 

2. How to integrate Inline Checkout into your web store.

3. Read here a full list of Inline Checkout features that are currently supported. 

4. After integrating the Inline Checkout with your web store, you are ready to simplify the checkout experience and enable your customers to place orders only by confirming their payment information.

5. After you integrate the Inline Checkout JavaScript code in your website application, you get access to the library that allows you to add products, control billing and shipping details and start the checkout process

6. Learn how to subscribe/unsubscribe to Inline shopping cart events.

7. How to add a catalog product to the Inline Checkout.

8. How to add a dynamic product to the Inline Checkout.

9. How to set a custom price for catalog products in Inline Checkout.

10. How to set the billing details for the Inline Checkout.

11. How to set cart lock in the Inline Cart.

12. How to set a pricing option for catalog products.

13. How to set the return method in Inline Checkout

14. How to set test orders in Inline Cart.

15. How to set the shopping cart currency in the Inline Checkout.

16. How to set the shopping cart language in the Inline Cart.

17. How to set the customer reference in the Inline Checkout.

18. How to set the item external reference in the Inline Checkout.

19. How to set the order external reference in the Inline Cart.

20. How to set sale source in the Inline Cart.

21. How to set a pricing option for dynamic products in Inline Cart.

22.  How to set shipping details in Inline Cart.

23. How to test adding a coupon to the Inline Checkout.

24. How to test adding coupons to the Inline Checkout.

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