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Inline Checkout features


Given the continuous developing nature of this project, Inline Checkout currently supports a limited feature subset of the current shopping cart.

Refer to the feature list below to confirm the availability of the features that you are interested in.

Feature Description / Supported

Available cart languages

29 languages

Billing currencies

All the billing currencies currently enabled for your 2Checkout account.

Payment methods

Credit card based payment methods, PayPal, bank/wire transfer, iDEAL, and SEPA Direct Debit.

Installments are not supported.


Supports regular promotions:

  • Coupon-based
  • Automatically applied

Compact shopping card fields


Automatic renewal




Tax collection and VAT Information Exchange System Supported

Pricing options

Checkout fields Supported via Add checkout fields
On-the-fly pricing for catalog products Supported
Volume discounts Supported
Google Analytics Not supported
Single Sign-On Not supported
Manual renewal Not supported
Upgrades Not supported

Up-selling campaigns

Not supported

Cross-selling campaigns

Not supported

Backup media

Not supported

Download Insurance Service

Not supported

Gift orders

Not supported

Custom cart variables

Not supported

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