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Assign values for the product additional custom fields


Use this method to assign values to the additional fields for products.

Use case

  1. Add an HTML link or button on your page like the one below.
  2. Create a JavaScript click handler to execute the Inline Client desired methods.
  3. Set your currency using the theTwoCoInlineCart.cart.setCurrency('USD') method.
  4. Use the TwoCoInlineCart.products.add({code, quantity, additionalFields}) method to prepare your products.
  5. The additionalFields property should contain a list of objects with the code of the field and its value.
  6. Use the TwoCoInlineCart.cart.checkout() method to show the cart on your page.

Sample request


<a href="#" class="btn btn-success" id="buy-button">Buy now!</a>


window.document.getElementById('buy-button').addEventListener('click', function() {

    code: '2CO3MONTHS',
    quantity: 1,
    additionalFields: [
      // textbox type example
        code     : 'NewsletterPolicy12345768',
        value    : 'Some text value'
      // listbox type example
        code     : 'cart2cotestlist',
        value    : 'YES'
      // hidden type example
        code     : 'HiddenID123',
        value    : 'Some text for the hidden field'
      // checkbox type example
        code     : 'cart2cotest',
        value    : true


After defining the additional fields for your products using the above method, your cart should look like this: