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Dynamic products via ConvertPlus


Receive payments from customers worldwide without the need of handling catalog products. ConvertPlus enables you to pass the product information dynamically to the checkout page, either by using URL parameters or via your 2Checkout Control Panel.


Available to 2Checkout accounts that handle their own tax and invoice management. Contact us for activation.


It's required to have ConvertPlus enabled on your account. Contact us for activation.

Generate links from the cPanel

Follow the instructions below to generate ConvertPlus buy links with dynamic product information.

  1. Login to the 2Checkout Control Panel.
  2. Go to Setup > Generate links.
  3. Click the ConvertPlus tab in the Checkout Links area.
  4. Select the Dynamic products radio button.
  5. Select a currency for the ordering process.
  6. Add information for each of the dynamic line items added to cart:
    • Type
      • Digital product - for products that require electronic delivery.
      • Physical/Tangible product - for products that require shipping.
      • Shipping - line item for shipping costs.
      • Tax - handling fee added to final price.
    • Name - the name of your dynamic product, displayed to customers in the cart.
    • Quantity - line item quantity added in cart.
    • Price - unit price for each of the line items added to cart.
  7. Click Generate link.
  8. Copy the generated link and add it to your website.


To access reports on your orders for dynamic products, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to the 2Checkout Control Panel.
  2. Go to Orders & Customers > Order search.
  3. In the Products source dropdown list, select Dynamic products.
  4. Apply other desired filters and click Search.

You can read more information on ConvertPlus buy links signature here

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