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Test ordering system


Enable the 2Checkout test ordering system to place test orders via the 2Checkout Control Panel or through the 2Checkout API.

We strongly advise you to prepare your system to integrate with the new testing platform. This is especially important for

  • IPN (Instant Payment Notifications)
  • LCN (License Change Notifications)
  • ISE (Instant Search Orders Export)
  • Electronic delivery


The test order system is available to all 2Checkout accounts.


The new 2Checkout order testing system is enabled by default. However, if switched off for your account, follow these instructions to enable it:

  1. Go to Setup -> Ordering options.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the checkbox for the Enable the test order system option.
  3. Save the settings.

What happens if I disable the test system?

  • You will no longer be able to place new test orders via the Control Panel or through the 2Checkout API.
  • The 2Checkout system will continue auto-renew any recurring test subscriptions per their billing cycle setting and also convert test trials placed while the order testing system was active.
  • You will be able to continue managing test orders and subscriptions generated while the testing system was active, including operations such as manual renewals and upgrades.

How do I place a test order using the Control Panel?

You can place 5 types of test orders:

  1. New acquisition
  2. Trial
  3. Automatic renewal/trial conversion
  4. Manual renewal
  5. Upgrade

To kick start the testing process, you first need to generate a test Buy-Link. Using test Buy Links you can replicate the new acquisitions and trial purchase scenarios. Automatic renewalstrial conversionsmanual renewals, and upgrades require that you placed an initial test order and that the 2Checkout system generated a subscription for the test purchase.

How do I generate a test Buy-Link?

  1. Log in to your Merchant Control Panel and navigate to Setup -> Generate links -> Checkout Links.
  2. Choose a purchase flow from the available list.
  3. Select one or more products.
  4. Optional: you can control a collection of advanced options, but none are required to place test orders.
  5. Click on Generate link.
  6. Click on Place a test order. Alternatively, you can also copy the link generated and paste it in your browser's address bar.

Add the DOTEST parameter manually to Buy-Links

You can add the DOTEST parameter manually to Buy Links and use the result to place test orders. For example,

Buy link:
Test buy link:



Use DOTEST=1 to place orders in a test environment. You need to enter the dummy credit card details for the specific scenario that you're testing.

DOTEST in Buy Links works only if the you enabled the testing system for your account. Otherwise, it has no impact whatsoever.

Cross-selling and Network cross-selling

  1. You can test cross-selling campaigns as long as you enabled the test system.
  2. For network cross-selling test orders to function:
    • You are required to enable the test system.
    • Vendors whose products are part of the network cross-selling campaign also need to have the new testing system enabled.

Lead management

Lead management campaigns are not supported for test orders at this point in time.

Imported subscriptions

The 2Checkout testing system does not support imported subscriptions at this point in time.

myOrder JS object

Test orders are marked accordingly in the myOrder JavaScript object included in the last stage of the purchase process.



True for test orders, False otherwise.


Test orders are marked accordingly in the omniture_vars object available for the desktop and mobile versions of the shopping cart.



True for test orders, False otherwise.


You can test upselling campaigns as long as you enabled the test system.


You can use all the promotional capabilities of the 2Checkout platform with test orders.

Retry logic

This functionality is not supported.

Account updater

This functionality is not supported.

Refund a test order

Test orders support total and partial refunds.

Order search

To include or exclude test order data from the order search reports:

  1. Go to Orders & customers -> Order search.
  2. Use the Test orders filter.
    • Include test orders
    • Do not include test orders
    • Show only test orders

Note: Test orders are included in this report by default, but you have the option of excluding these items from the order search results and the export reports or to search test orders exclusively.


Subscriptions generated for test orders are accompanied by the Test label. To include or exclude test subscription data from subscription search:

  1. Go to Orders & customers -> Subscription management.
  2. Optional: Click on More search filters.
  3. Use the Test subscription filter.
    • Include test orders
    • Do not include test orders
    • Show only test orders


Customer accounts generated for test orders behave just like those created for real orders. The 2Checkout system can associate both real and test orders/subscriptions with customer accounts.


The 2Checkout system does not generate invoices for test orders.

Channel Manager (Partner) test orders

This functionality is not supported at this point in time.

Affiliate test orders

2Checkout affiliates that have joined your program can place test orders using your products only if you enable the test system.

  • Test cards. Affiliates can use the same dummy credit/debit cards on the established list.
  • Affiliate reports. Affiliates can see test orders only in their Orders report. 2Checkout does not include test orders into all other affiliate reports.
  • Affiliate JS myOrder object. The Affiliate JavaScript myOrder object includes test orders.
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