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Follow-up emails for unfinished payments


Target customers granularly depending on who/what generated the unfinished payment:

  • The shopper: new acquisitions, trial purchases, manual renewals and upgrades.
  • The 2Checkout system: automatic subscription renewals and trial conversions (recurring payment authorizations).

2Checkout collects shopper data by default during the ordering process and will sent out a total of 15 notification emails covering all payment methods, according to your account's settings.

Notification type - basic, the message includes several links designed to let shoppers retry the transaction or select a different payment method.

Payment methods

2Checkout sends follow-up messages for unfinished payments made using one of the following payment methods:

  1. Instant Payment Methods (Visa/MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, PayPal, Discover, 支付宝 (Alipay), WebMoney, iDEAL, OP-Pohjola, Nordea, Danske, Trustly, POLi, WeChat Pay, Trustpay, Skrill Wallet)
  2. Online (Direct Debit, eCheck/ACH)
  3. Offline Payment Methods (Bank/Wire transfer, Check, Boleto Bancario, Konbini, Qiwi Wallet, Giropay, UnionPay, Neteller)

When are follow-up emails sent?

Emails are sent to shoppers that successfully placed an order which could not be finalized because of a payment process failure (e.g. insufficient funds, authorization declined, etc.).

Default settings

By default, your account contains a single lead management campaign. The 2Checkout system will send out one (1) email for unfinished payments to shoppers that used an online payment method to place the order. The follow-up email is sent two (2) hours after the order is placed provided that the transaction fails to complete successfully. Default unfinished payment follow-up emails cover both transaction failure scenarios:

  • New acquisitions, trial purchases, manual renewals, and upgrades.
  • Automatic subscription renewals and trial conversions (recurring payment authorizations).

How do I configure follow-up emails for unfinished payments?

  1. Log in to your 2Checkout account in the Merchant Control Panel.
  2. Navigate to Dashboard → Marketing tools → Lead Management → Manage your leads.
  3. Go to Order recovery → Unfinished payment, and click on the Edit button.lead1.png
  4. Under Dunning emails, click the Activate button to enable instant follow-up email for failed recurring charges. 
  5. Order recovery follow-up should be enabled by default. If it's not, select Yes to enable it.lead2.png
  6. Select the payment type
    • Instant Payment Methods (Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard, American Express, JCB, PayPal, Discover/Novus, 支付宝 (Alipay), WebMoney, iDEAL,, OP-Pohjola, Nordea, Danske, Trustly, POLi, Skrill Wallet, Neteller)
    • Online Direct Debit and eCheck/ACH
    • Offline Payment Methods (Bank/Wire transfer, Boleto Bancario, Konbini, Giropay, UnionPay)
  7. Enter a time interval. Available time intervals:
    • Instant Payment Methods: starting with 1 hour.
    • Online Direct Debit: the reference date is the bank payment refusal date. Refund orders will be generated after 1 day if no payment is received. 10 is the maximum number of days that you can set for this specific payment method. The first follow-up email for unfinished Direct Debit payments can be sent after one (1) hour since the transaction was refused.
    • Offline Payment Methods: from 7 to 30 days. The countdown begins immediately after the last failed charge attempt made by the 2Checkout system or as the result of a payment.
  8. Select the follow-up type
    • Recurring charges (system-generated): automatic subscription renewals and trial conversions (recurring payment authorizations). Imported subscriptions are also supported.
    • Manual purchases (shopper-generated): new acquisitions, trial purchases, manual renewals, and upgrades.
  9. Click Update settings to save your changes.lead3.png

You can configure a total of 15 follow-up emails for all payment methods. Once added, existing follow-up emails can be removed at any time. You'll be able to view and customize the follow-up emails from the Email template manager section.

Follow-up emails

The 2Checkout system sends out two (2) different emails, based on the type of follow-up. Each notification contains special wording in accordance with the type of transaction failure it's designed to remedy:

  • Recurring charges (system-generated): only for failed transactions involving Credit/debit cards, PayPal and Direct Debit recurring charges for subscriptions acquired through iDeal.
  • Manual purchases (shopper-generated): for failed transactions involving instant payment methods, online Direct Debit, and offline payment methods.

Recommended settings

Placed orders for which the payment process was not finished - reasons can vary: expired cards, insufficient funds, authorization declined, etc.




1. Instant payment methods

1 hour

1 day

3 days

Configure follow-up messages for unfinished payments and increase order recovery rate to as much as 25% from all transaction failures.


2. Offline payment methods

7 days

13 days

3. Direct Debit

3 days

7 days

4. Dunning management


2Checkout sends out email notifications to subscribers in danger of churning out because their recurring charge failed with a hard decline, an irrecoverable transaction error.

Hard declines recovery with Dunning management, leading to a 15% recovery rate.

Email buy links

Buy links included in email will take users to shopping cart containing the products added to cart. Prices are calculated according to the pricing configurations of the products in cart at the time when the link is accessed. Promotions are taken into account only if they're still active and impacting the products in the cart. If On the fly pricing was used for the initial order that produced the unfinished payment, it will be reflected by the links sent to customers via the follow-up email.

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