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How to configure churn prevention campaigns


2Checkout offers an easy way to configure churn prevention campaigns, so that you can:

  • Solidify your recurring revenue by offering discounts to customers who want to cancel recurring billing, incentivizing them to keep auto-renewal enabled for their subscriptions.
  • Engage and collect feedback from your customers to optimize your products, marketing campaigns and business operations.

You can find the churn prevention campaigns section under Retention tools in the Marketing tools menu.

Here you can configure churn prevention campaigns for your shoppers and offer them discounts for keeping their subscription auto-renewals active.

Setting up a new churn prevention campaign

  1. Click Add new campaign.
  2. Fill in the details of the campaign: name, running interval and discount percentage.
    • You can also request shoppers to give you a cancelation reason (optional), set the discount to apply to all the following billing cycles or define a custom number of billing cycles to apply it to (optional).
  3. Choose whether or not to apply this campaign to subscriptions with custom price by checking or un-checking the Apply for subscriptions that are using product catalog pricing only option.
  4. Select the products that you want the campaign to be applied to from the Available products list and add them to the Selected products list.
    • You can add products to a campaign after it starts running.
  5. Customize the default churn prevention campaign text.
    • Customize the discount message that you want shoppers to see during their cancelation attempt. This message is only displayed if you have set a campaign deiscount.
  6. Click Save campaign when you're done.

The campaign is now created and displayed as Ready. Click Start campaign to start it.

You can see the status of your campaign in the Retention tools->Churn prevention page. A churn prevention campaign can have the following statuses:

  1. Scheduled - a campaign that didn't reach Running status yet. You can edit or stop it from running in the future.
  2. Ready - a campaign that you have not started or one that you've stopped before its start date. You can edit it.
  3. Running - a campaign that is currently running. You can stop it or view its settings. You can still add products to a running campaign.
  4. Finished - a campaign that passed its end date. You can view its settings but you cannot edit it.

If the campaign is Scheduled, click Edit if you want to modify its settings.

Important: You can only edit Ready and Scheduled campaigns. You cannot edit campaigns that reached the Running status.

What shoppers see

Once you've started the campaign, your shoppers are notified in myAccount whenever they try to stop the subscription auto-renewal for the products that you've selected in the campaign.

The first pop-up displays either the default message (in the screenshot below) or the message that you customized before.

The next pop-up asks for the cancellation reason and shopper feedback (if you've checked the Request cancellation reason box) while setting up the campaign.

The last pop-up shows the discount that you offered for keeping the auto-renewal. You can customize this message by changing the discount message while configuring the campaign.

How to search for existing churn prevention campaigns

Use the churn prevention search filters to find specific campaigns that you have previously set. You can search campaigns by:

  • Name
  • Status
  • Starting date
  • Product applied to

Important: Searching campaigns by the starting date returns all the campaigns that had started in the specified time interval.

Click Search when you're done configuring the filters.

You'll see the search results in the table at the bottom of the page along with possible actions that you can take on the campaigns. You can edit Ready and Scheduled campaigns, and view details of Finished campaigns.

How to run churn prevention campaign reports

You can find the Cancellation statistics reports in the Main reports section of the Reports center menu.

  1. Open the Reports center menu and click Main reports
  2. Click the Cancellation statistics category to access the reports page.
  3. Use the filters in the Report settings section to define the campaigns that you want to include in the report. Click Build report when you're done.

The report shows the top 10 churn prevention campaigns, filtered by the Orders value column, in descending order. The rest of the campaigns are aggregated under the Others entry. The data included in the report comes from campaigns that ran in the selected interval.

You can also export the full report as CSV by clicking Export as CSV. The exported report contains details about all of your campaigns.

Additionally, you can download a CSV report of the feedback collected from your customers during the cancellation prevention campaigns in the selected time interval by clicking Download feedback.

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