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Customer accounts status

  1. Active - a Customer Account is created when the first subscription for a product purchased by a customer becomes active. As long as at least one subscription associated to a customer remains active the Customer Account will also feature the Active status.
  2. Trial - the Trial status is displayed for those Customer Accounts associated to customers using an active trial subscription.
  3. Inactive - displayed when all subscriptions of a Customer Account are expired or cancelled, or both.

Customer Accounts status

Subscription status

Customer account status


At least 1 Active subscription


Customer account status is Active even if Trial and Cancelled/Expired subscriptions exist for the customer, along as there's at least one Active subscription.

Customers with a single subscription featuring the Past due status (expired but in the grace period) are considered Active.

At least 1 Active Trial subscription


Customer account status is Trial if all Active subscriptions for this customer are trials, regardless of any Cancelled/Expired subscriptions.

Only Expired/Cancelled subscriptions


All subscriptions associated to this Customer account are cancelled, expired or both.

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