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Customer search


The dedicated Customer area of the Control Panel offers advanced search functionality designed to enable you to find particular or multiple customers. The underlying search technology has been optimized to deliver high performance and efficiency under an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Note: You can only search for customers that have at least one subscription attached. Customers that were created via API (that are not tied to a subscription) cannot be found in the Control Panel Customers search.

Customer management user rights

Access to the Customers page is governed by user rights. Follow the steps below to grant access to your users.

  1. Go to Account settings.
  2. Select Manage user access.
  3. Click the Roles associated to the account in question.
  4. Enable the Customers management option under Orders & Reports.

Searches can be performed for:

  • Avangate customer IDs;
  • External customer IDs;
  • Customer name/company;
  • Customer email address;
  • Order reference;
  • External reference / PO;
  • Avangate Subscription Reference;
  • Activation key;
  • Partner invoice no.;
  • SKU.

The search technology used supports partial queries for Customer name/company; email address; Avangate Subscription Reference; partner invoice no.; SKY and Activation key.

However, when using Avangate customer IDs; external customer IDs; order reference; and external reference number the query term must match exactly the data searched.

You can filter results returned by the Customer search based on:

  • Customer status;
  • Geographic regions;
  • Customer country (the same country as specified in the billing details);
  • The product(s) purchased by customers;
  • The date when the customer was created in the 2Checkout platform;
  • The date when a product was upgraded;
  • The dates when notifications were sent to customers;

Export customer data

Customer data can be exported using the built-in functionality available alongside the search capabilities of the Control Panel.

Both customer details and subscription data are included in the .CSV (comma separated values) files that you can export. Essentially, information on single or multiple subscriptions acquired by the same customer is included in the .CSV file.

Fie example, the exported .CSV for the customer in the example below will feature two lines, one for each subscription purchased.

Optionally, you can also include the renewal price for customer licenses.

Customer status:

Active: At least one of the customer's subscriptions is active.

Trial: The customer has a trial subscription. All other customer's subscriptions (if any) are inactive (either expired or cancelled).

Inactive: The customer has no subscriptions or all of the customer's subscriptions are inactive (either expired or canceled).

Time zone support

Customer search supports time zone selection, enabling you to choose either the default 2Checkout time zone (GMT + 02:00) or a custom time zone that you control via Account settings / Edit system settings.

The time zone selected in the Customer search area controls the time stamps in which data on specific customer details pages is reported.

Maximum number of results

Customer search displays a maximum of 1,000 results.

When exporting, a maximum of 100,000 items can be included in a single CSV (comma separated values) file. If you'd like more results beyond the first 100,000 to be exported, simply modify date settings to export results in batches of 100,000.

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