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Export customer data


You can export customer data using the built-in functionality available alongside the search capabilities of the Control Panel.

Both customer details and subscription data are included in the .CSV (comma-separated values) files that you can export. Essentially, information on single or multiple subscriptions acquired by the same customer is included in the .CSV file.

Optionally, you can also include the renewal price for customer licenses.

Note: You can only search for customers that have at least one subscription attached. Customers that were created via API (that are not tied to a subscription) cannot be found in the Control Panel Customers search.


Follow the steps below to generate a customer export file.

  1. Log in to the 2Checkout Control Panel.
  2. Go to Orders & customers -> Customers.
  3. Use the existing filters to search for the customer you want to export data for.
  4. Click Export as CSV.
  5. Choose whether or not to include the renewal price for customer licenses.
  6. Click Export.

Export fields

The table below shows the fields included in customer exports.

Field name Description
AvangateCustomerReference System generated customer reference number in the 2Checkout system
ExternalCustomerReference External customer reference that you control
CustomerFirstName Billing first name 
CustomerLastName Billing last name 
CustomerEmail Billing email address
CustomerPhone Customer phone number
CustomerFax Customer fax number
CustomerAddress1 Customer address field
CustomerAddress2 Customer address field
CustomerCity Customer city
CustomerZip Customer zip code
CustomerState Customer state
CustomerCountry Customer country
CustomerCompany Customer company name
LicenseUniqueId Subscription ID that you control
IdProduct Unique system generated product ID
PurchaseDate Subscription purchase date
ExpirationDate Subscription expiration date
ProductName Product name
Quantity Purchased quantity
FirstName Delivery first name
LastName Delivery last name
Email Delivery email address
CommunicationLanguage Language selected in the shopping cart upon purchase
ProductVersion Purchased product version
Company Business customer company name
Phone Business customer phone number
Fax Business customer fax number
Address1 Delivery address field
Address2 Delivery address field
Zip Delivery zip code
City Delivery city
State Delivery state
CountryCode ISO country code
ProductOptions Product pricing options
ActivationCode Subscription activation code
IdPartner Partner ID (if the order was placed by a reseller)
LicenseCode Unique system generated subscription code
Refno Order reference number

Subscription renewal type:

  • Auto
  • Manual
  • Lifetime

Subscription status:

  • Active
  • Expired
URL Merchant homepage URL
NextRenewalPrice Renewal price for the next billing cycle
NextRenewalPriceCurrency Currency of the next renewal price
TimeZone Your account time zone
ShopperReferenceNumber Shopper reference number for orders placed by resellers. Can be used in searches for customers, subscriptions and orders.
AdditionalInfo Extra information that you can attach to a subscription, such as the source of the initial purchase.
PastDueDay(s) Number of days passed since the subscription reached Past Due status

Indicates test orders:

  • YES
  • NO
SubscriptionStartDate Subscription generation start date

Unique affiliate identifier from the 2Checkout platform. Possible values:

  • 0 – Removes the affiliate attached to a subscription. This causes 2Checkout to stop commissioning the affiliate for renewal charges.
  • 12345 – Assigns the subscription to the affiliates having the ID 12345.
CustomerValue High level guideline for the overall business value of a customer. Calculated based on the completed orders placed by the customer. Test orders are not considered.
CustomerValueCurrency Currency of the customer value.


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