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Import customer IDs


When importing subscriptions, the 2Checkout system automatically generates subscriptions to match the data in the CSV file used for the importing process.

The existing importing functionality of the 2Checkout system was expanded to support external Customer IDs. In this regard, you can specify an ExternalCustomerId for each of the subscriptions that you import.

Optional Fields




The identifier for same customer using one or more subscriptions. -ExternalCustomerId is stored into the 2Checkout system and can subsequently be used for management tasks impacting Customers.


Importing a new subscription

Specify the desired ExternalCustomerId in the column of the CSV file when importing a new subscription to have the 2Checkout system create a new Customer account with the identifier for that specific subscription.

Edit customer IDs

Use the subscription import functionality offered by the 2Checkout platform in order to edit customer IDs.

Specify a new ExternalCustomerId in the column of the CSV file when importing an existing subscription to have the 2Checkout system update the associated Customer account, replacing the old ID with the new identifier.

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