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Chargeback fees


For every open dispute, 2Checkout applies a fee, set in your account's default currency. Chargeback rates formula:

Chargeback rate = no. of opened chargebacks (regardless of their current status) in the selected chargeback interval divided by the number of transactions in the same period.

Fixed chargeback fees for each chargeback

This case implies a fixed fee in a single currency for each open dispute.

Threshold-based chargeback fees

This case implies fees with variable values depending on the chargeback rate of your account. 2Checkout agrees on certain chargeback rate thresholds together with you and applies the fees accordingly. Thresholds and chargeback fees may vary for each account. You can see the thresholds applied to your account on the Chargeback reports page.

The chargeback rate used as a threshold is the one from the end of the previous month.

Where can I see my chargeback fees?

You can see the 2Checkout fees for your chargebacks in multiple areas throughout the 2Checkout platform:

Accounting report

  1. In the Total chargeback fee column in the email's body.
  2. In the 2Checkout orders with chargeback fees balance.csv report attached to the email.

Control panel

  1. On the 2Checkout dashboard, in the Chargeback Fees field of the Account balance section.
  2. In the Revenue Split report, on the Chargeback Fees field.
  3. In the Account Balance report on the Chargeback Fees column.
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