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Bonus payments


Use bonus payments to reward your affiliates with extra commissions when they reach or exceed certain thresholds defined by bonus programs.

How bonus payments work

Bonus payments apply on a monthly recurrent basis and come into effect whenever an affiliate meets the bonus program requirements. Bonus payments are independent from other commissions. If affiliates are eligible for multiple types of bonuses (normal bonuses, quick payments, etc.), they will receive all of them. One affiliate can receive multiple bonus payments if eligible.


  1. Do bonus payments have a time limit?
    • No. Bonuses are recurrent and they apply whenever an affiliate meets a bonus program's requirements. To stop a bonus payment from applying, disable it completely.
  2. Can I include an affiliate in multiple bonus programs?
    • Yes. You can include affiliates in multiple bonus programs with different threshold and requirements. If they meet all the requirements, affiliates receive each bonus they qualify for.
  3. Can I define a fixed bonus depending on the affiliate commissions in a specific month?
    • No. Once an affiliate reaches the specified sales volume threshold, they receive the fixed bonus that you set. You cannot condition the fixed bonus based on other commissions.
  4. What currencies can I set for bonus payments?
    • When defining a bonus payment, the available currencies that you can use are the ones that are active as settlement currencies for your merchant account. Contact 2Checkout for details about adding/removing a currency.


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