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March 2019



Feature/Patch/Bug fix



March 14, 2019 Merchants will receive the collected taxes from 2CO and further declare and pay them themselves. This is a pilot for extra granularity on PSP tax management service – 2CO calculates, collects and transfers taxes to merchants for them to remit to local fiscal authorities. Feature -
March 19, 2019 The IPN and LCN webhooks now include additional information parameters added on subscriptions through API methods for better tracking. Merchants will be able to segment shoppers that transitioned from other platforms to 2Checkout. Feature Click me
March 22, 2019 Added out-of-the-box additional order fields in the Inline Cart and ConvertPlus default template for better customization (e.g. visible such as Mr., Mrs., checkbox with shopper agreement for the newsletter, or hidden like merchant specific labels). Feature Click me
March 22, 2019

ConvertPlus will support buy-links with custom price set for catalog products so that merchants can offer personalized offers to their shoppers. 

Feature Click me
March 27, 2019 Implementing the resend notifications functionality via INS in the merchant cPanel for cases when the initially sent notifications do not reach the designated endpoints. This functionality will give merchants the possibility to retrieve any lost data. Feature Click me
March 29, 2019

Added increased specifications supported by the platform when defining the affiliate commission list so that merchants have more flexibility in the relationship with their affiliates.

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March 29, 2019 LCN notifications will contain the incremented values of the billing cycle parameter, even for products without a contract-set cycle, so that merchants can better monitor the renewal cycle of the subscriptions (customer lifetime) in their systems. Feature -
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