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August 2017


Feature/Patch/Bug fix



August 28, 2017 You are now able to upload pricing schemes without having the price values rounded. Feature -
August 10, 2017 You can now add your own reasons for refunds, using the Refund settings tab for a better communication with your customers. Feature Click me
August 10, 2017 Customers are now able to change their pricing option when renewing their subscription.


August 3, 2017 You can now start accepting payments through Skrill wallet and Neteller. Contact Avangate for more details. Feature Click me and me
August 2, 2017 LCN timestamps information has been standardized in a date_time format, similar to IPN. Feature -
August 2, 2017 You can now exclude subscriptions with custom price from Retention Tools campaigns. Feature Click me and me
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