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October 2017


Feature/Patch/Bug fix



October 11, 2017

You can now control the timezone from order information exports using Instant Order Search Export (ISE). The additional parameter EXPORT_TIMEZONE_REGION extends the control you have over the data exported. Click here to check the values accepted in this parameter.

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October 16, 2017 You can now aggregate the chargebacks report for all your accounts. In case you have multiple accounts linked in our system, you can generate the report for all of them with one click, saving the time of running the report for each of them individually. Keep in mind that the chargeback rate and fees are calculated for each account independently. Feature Click me
October 17, 2017 Source codes are now preserved for orders originated from Lead Management emails. For orders placed as a result of lead management campaigns, the SRC (source) code is now included in the omniture_vars object and order reports. Feature Click me
October 18, 2017 You can now trigger LCN notifications from the subscription page in Control Panel. This feature gives you more control over the notifications system, as well as increases the debugging capabilities of LCN notifications. Feature Click me
October 18, 2017 You can now assign multiple files to a single product and enable your shoppers to download all of them when they make a purchase. If your product has support for multiple operating systems (Windows, MAC OSX, etc.) your shoppers can receive and download the product files for all supported versions. Feature Click me and me
October 25, 2017

Personalize the ConvertPlus shopper cart experience by using the newly developed Cart Editor. You can now customize ConvertPlus shopping cart themes, with a visual interface available in the Control Panel that allows you to preview your customizations on multiple device types, including tablets and smartphones.

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October 27, 2017 Security enhancement for the custom store domain flow. The new security patch adds protection to the current flow by preventing any interference with the ordering process by third parties. Feature -
October 19, 2017 Adjusted the price saving mechanism to correctly save the renewal/recurring prices for products, even for ever-green items. Patch -
October 19, 2017 Master account users are now able to exempt their account password from expiration. Patch -
October 19, 2017 You can now check whether your shoppers have subscribed to/unsubscribed from subscription related notifications. Patch Click me
October 23, 2017 Check payouts for partners located outside US are momentarily restricted. Patch -
October 31, 2017 You can now add descriptions to the files delivered to your customers. HTML tags are supported, as they allow you to engage your customers on a deeper level. Patch Click me
October 2, 2017 Fixed a bug causing an incomplete display of the 'Order information' page for a singular order case. Fix -
October 3, 2017 Fixed a bug affecting the commissions list filter, upon creating new newsletters.


October 6, 2017 Fixed a bug causing the display of the same information fields, upon selecting different payment methods in Financial details < Account settings < Cpanel. Fix -
October 9, 2017 Fixed a bug restricting a partner from placing an order with PayPal. Fix -
October 10, 2017 Fixed a bug affecting the display of click tracking in an affiliate newsletter. Fix -
October 11, 2017

Fixed a bug causing an error during the payment process with CarteBleue.

Fix -
October 13, 2017 Fixed a bug affecting the update of cart price when the price option is changed. Fix -
October 19, 2017 Fixed a bug causing an error while generating a custom report based on affiliate sales. Fix -
October 19, 2017

Fixed a bug causing renewal prices from product setup to not get saved after they are filled.

Fix -
October 23, 2017 Fixed a bug blocking merchants from setting affiliate commissions as a percentage for renewal orders. Fix -
October 26, 2017 Fixed a bug causing multiple shopping cart abandonment e-mails to be sent for a finished order. Fix -
October 30, 2017 Fixed a bug causing the payment method to not be displayed on the order page in Cpanel. Fix -
October 30, 2017

Fixed a bug returning an error while using method addProduct with the product object returned by getProductByCode.

Fix -
October 31, 2017 Fixed a bug impeding a merchant from updating the next renewal price of a subscription via Cpanel. Fix -
October 31, 2017 Fixed a bug causing a discrepancy between the total order price and price stated in "You will be charged" message. Fix -
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