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2Checkout Customer myAccount


2Checkout myAccount is designed to centralize information on your shoppers and their activities in the 2Checkout network, including order status and evolution, transaction data, product, subscription, and subscription history as well as personal customer information.

Equipped with a collection of subscription and product management capabilities, 2Checkout myAccount streamlines a variety of tasks from renewing a subscription to ordering upgrades, downloading product files, accessing subscription keys/codes for purchased products, viewing order details (including status information), verifying payments, downloading and printing invoices, getting support, etc.

Your shoppers can access 2Checkout myAccount through a secure, encrypted connection at You can also host myAccount on your own custom domain and offer a unified shopping experience.

Shoppers are automatically registered into 2Chekcout myAccount when they first place an order on your website if you're taking advantage of the 2Checkout platform. They need the email address used during the ordering process or the order number to receive all their login credentials, including a password. At the same time, shoppers can easily log in to their account using their Google, Yahoo! or AOL ID, without the need to know the password that was set for their myAccount.

Recommended resources

Home page

The 2Checkout myAccount home page offers shoppers an overview of their orders and links to additional details for each purchase. Additionally, they can subscribe to news about product updates, software deals, and releases from 2Checkout partners. They can opt-in or opt-out from various 2Checkout marketing programs and access myAccount support.

Order Lookup

  • Track orders and receive information on their status based on the customer email address and order numbers
  • Track transactions made through the 2Checkout system and access their details based on a set of basic information on a payment.

My Products

Your shoppers can:

  • View detailed information of all products/service purchased through 2Checkout;
  • Access the complete details of each product/service, including subscription status, reference number and history, costs, invoice, delivery and billing information, registration info, product history, subscription reference, and expiration date;
  • Gain insight into per-product subscription-specific history in the 2Checkout eCommerce system including all changes and amendments, renewals, upgrades, and subscription settings modifications;
  • Manage subscriptions and configure the settings of the renewal process and associated notifications. The option to disable automatic subscription renewals is also available;
  • Renew (on-demand) subscriptions of purchased software (the Renew now link only becomes visible when a subscription is at 90 days or less from expiration);
  • Upgrade (on-demand) products; 
  • Retrieve keys and codes;
  • Download product files. If the Download Insurance Service is selected, files download links of the purchased software will continue to be available for up to two years from the purchase date;
  • Change and update payment information for subscriptions;
  • Re-enable the auto-renewal system of subscriptions on-demand;

On top of disabling the auto-renewal system for subscriptions/licenses, 2Checkout allows myAccount users to re-enable the option and have subscriptions renewed automatically per the recurring billing configuration of products.


Re-enabling the auto-renewal system requires the subscription not to have any of the following statuses:

  1. lifetime
  2. imported
  3. trial
  4. disabled

In addition to the above requirements, the payment terminal must support auto-renewal, and the reference of the transaction made for the previous order needs to be available.

Personal Information

Your shoppers have control over the following actions:

  • Editing myAccount personal data;
  • Changing their myAccount password;
  • Selecting automatic billing form fill-in for future orders with 2Checkout.


Should your shoppers require it, they can also get help to use 2Checkout myAccount by visiting the Support section.

Change and update billing data

2Checkout myAccount capabilities enable your shoppers to make sure that the subscriptions they acquired from you will not suffer any interruptions. Payment data can be updated only for subscriptions with auto-renewals are enabled. This implies that shoppers need to use a payment method that supports recurring billing, namely credit or debit cards, PayPal, or Direct Debit. Payment data for any of the methods mentioned above can be switched with cardholder information.

While shoppers can provide new credit/debit card details to update/replace the initial payment method used, they won't be able to switch auto-renewal transactions from a credit/debit card to PayPal or Direct Debit.

Shoppers need to click Update card info to enter the new payment details. This will ensure that shopper billing information is always up to date and that charges for renewal orders will take place without any issues.

The 2Checkout system is designed to automatically generate and sent out notifications when a credit card or a debit card cannot be charged in scenarios in which automatic renewals are enabled for the product or service shoppers purchased from you. The notifications offer subscribers the chance to log into their myAccount and update their card details.

2Checkout Customer myAccount


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