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Getting started


This is an introductory guide to your 2Checkout account. Follow the simple steps summarized below to get up and running with the 2Checkout ecommerce platform in a matter of minutes: 

  • Create your first product or subscription plan
  • Set up pricing and recurring charges 
  • Accept global payments
  • Automate billing and subscription renewal
  • Optimize your commerce operations and increase channel sales 


  1. The Knowledge Center is always at your disposal. To access it from your account click the Help icon.
  2. Extra guidance is also available through a collection of highly interactive tutorials offered in the context of your account. Access them through the ‘Need Help?’ widget on the right hand side of the screen. Just think of the walkthroughs as using a GPS for your account.
  3. We also offer live tech support. Submit tickets or chat with members of the Support Team to get answers to your questions. 

Account setup

When you first log into your account you will be prompted to change your password. Please select a secure password,  a minimum of 8 characters, with at least 3 out of the following 4 sets of characters: small letters, capital letters, numbers and special characters.

Basic setup

Product catalog

Create your first product or subscription plan to start placing test orders. You can test the 2Checkout platform extensively, including the hosted ordering interfaces, marketing campaigns, emails and even recurring billing.

For a basic setup you need the mandatory product info. You can also configure recurring charges from the start. 

Pricing and charge scenarios

Dynamic pricing (with base price) is a basic charge configuration. 2Checkout supports both one-time and recurring dynamic pricing, and offers the possibility to control various cost components through product options pricing. 

Your first test order

Once you created your first product or subscription plan, you're ready to place your first test order. 

Follow this simple path:

Create your first product and place your first test order
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  • Mandatory product info
    To configure your products, make sure you have the mandatory information on hand, including name, recurring billing plan, pricing.
  • Set up products and subscription plans
    Set up subscription plans and offer shoppers: free and paid trials, evergreen (one time fee) subscriptions, renewing subscriptions and even subscriptions with metered billing.
  • Dynamic pricing
    Dynamic pricing (with base price) is a basic charge configuration. Avangate supports both one-time and recurring dynamic pricing, and offers the possibility to control various cost components through product options pricing.
  • Placing test orders from the Control Panel
    You can easily simulate a variety of real-world scenarios, including successful or failed one time/recurring charges, new acquisitions, trials, automatic renewals/trial conversions, manual renewals and upgrades.

Accelerate account review

Sign the 2Checkout agreement so you can start selling globally.

Accelerate the review process and start selling by providing 2Checkout with all items on the required document list.

  • Company Ownership documents such as articles of incorporation or organization
  • Tax identification(Europe TIN; US – SSN / TIN / PTIN; or other relevant documentation)
  • Government issued ID ( for all beneficial owners with share participation higher than 10%)

Optional setup steps

Billing and payments

Increase conversion rate by enabling local processing in a multitude of markets around the world. 

Ordering interface

Personalize order/commerce pages with your website design and brand elements. Get a jump start with 2Checkout's customizable templates gallery or build your own.


Increase your average order value, your conversion and retention rates with easy to use discounts.

Advanced setup

Your 2Checkout account is extremely customizable and can adapt easily to serve all of your business needs.