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2Checkout first steps


Use this article to learn how to get started with 2Checkout, while your account is still in the demo mode.

2Checout's demo mode allows you to perform account settings, define products and even place test orders. As soon as your account is approved, your customers can start placing real orders.

Perform the three steps displayed below to have your account activated and start selling globally!


Adding your first products

Define a product in your Control Panel. Add a pricing scheme and set up renewal and upgrade scenarios.

Based on your agreement with 2Checkout, you can create products with electronic or physical delivery. Learn how to set up products.

Creating buy links

Generate new checkout links for your buy buttons and test the ordering experience. You can use dummy credit card information and test the checkout process from one end to the other. Use buy link parameters to change the shopping cart behavior. 

Learn how to use buy links.

Activating your account

Request the activation of your account, and fill in the account information required for you to start selling.

Merchant information
  • Tell us more about the country where you are located.
  • Let us know what annual transacted volumes should we expect from your account.
  • What are the primary product/services you plan to sell?
Product information
  • Do you have a Product description URL? If not, you can use 2Checkout's default URL.
  • Do you have your own Refund Policy? If not, you can use 2Checkout's default Refund Policy.
  • Do you have your own Delivery Policy? If not, you can use 2Checkout's default Delivery Policy.
  • Do you have your own Privacy Policy? If not, you can use 2Checkout's default Privacy Policy.
Account details 
  • Select one of the applicable business types.
  • Enter your Tax/VAT registration number.
  • Enter the date your business was established.
  • Enter your company address.
  • Enter the business owner's legal name.
  • Add the business owner's phone number.
Ownership details
  • Enter your Legal First and Last names.
  • Enter your birth date.
  • Enter your Social Security Number.
  • Enter your full address.
  • Upload documents that prove your identity:
    • Valid government issued ID (both front and back side images).
    • Valid address proof, such as a bank statement, electricity bill, telephone bill (no older than 2 months from the date when you upload the scanned copies).
  • Let us know if you are the sole owner of the business. If not, enter your ownership share, together with information regarding other owners and their respective legal information.
Payout Details
  • Select the payout method 2Checkout will use for issuing your transfers. Possible values:
    • Wire Transfer - requires bank information such as bank name, city, currency and bank account number.
    • EFT_ACH - requires bank information such as bank name, city, currency, IBAN, Swift and Bank routing number.
    • PayPal - requires a payout currency and PayPal Address.
    • Payoneer - requires a payout currency and a Payoneer ID. Get a Payoneer ID.
  • Upload business entity documents.
    • Company ownership documents (such as Articles of Incorporation or Organization, showing beneficial ownership).
    • Tax identification documents:
      • Europe - TIN or other relevant documentation
      • US - SSN / TIN / PTIN or other relevant documentation
    • Government issued ID such as the passport or national identity card (front and back side).
    • Other valid and relevant documents that can prove your identity and offer proof of ownership for your company.

After filling in your payout information, make sure all fields are filled and submit the application.

2Checkout's Underwriting Team will review your application right away and will get in touch with you if any other information is required.