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The dashboard acts as a homepage after the login and allows live monitoring of the main business metrics, while also offering some reporting capabilities.

In this article:

  • General overview
  • Track your main business metrics
  • Live overview of sales and order trend
  • Subscription trends, customer evolution and renewal scores
  • Stay up to date: Account balance & What’s new.


The Control Panel Dashboard comes with a wide array of functionalities that allow live monitoring, customization and easy in page navigation.

What can you do?

  • Use the search bar integrated in the main header of the platform to search for everything you need; from sales references, and orders to customers and subscriptions.
  • Easily switch between accounts with the account dropdown
  • Get a easy access to all reports with the call to actions included in each of the Dashboard's widgets. 
  • Need to learn more about some of the advanced functionalities of the platform? With the help button, you are one click away from a wide collection of Knowledge articles and best practices. Benefit from the materials that are put at your disposal and make the best out of this platform’s capabilities.
  • You have affiliate requests? Or is your fulfillment list running out of codes? You will always be up to date about these and more with the notifications and alerts icon, that displays all the active/unactioned system notifications and alerts.
  • Maintain control over your account settings and login details with the account dropdown list, where you can find your: Account settings, Notifications, Contact details for the support team and the Log Out button.


  • Control the interval for which the data is being displayed, by selecting one of the predefined timeframes: today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, this month, last month or set a specific timeframe with the custom range option.



The information displayed here is based on the timeframe selected previously. Depending on the length of the timeframe selected, the data here can be grouped by: day, week and month. The “Show value in” dropdown, lets you choose the currency you want the scores to be displayed in.

Get a easy access to all reports with the call to actions integrated in each of the Dashboard's widgets. They act as a redirect to the reporting section, where you can pull detailed information about all your main business metrics. 

What information can you find here?

  • Account balance – represents the estimated total revenue after all the taxes have been paid, commissions were applied and disputes (chargeback and refunds) amounts were retained and released.
  • Total sales – this data corresponds to the total sales that were registered in the timeframe selected.
  • Refund rate – represents the number of refunded orders against the total number of orders that were placed for the timeframe selected. Based on the threshold that was set, the arrow here can change, making it easier for you to notice any issues in time.
  • Chargeback rate – represents the number of chargeback disputes that were generated in the timeframe selected, against the total number of orders placed in that period. Depending on the trends and threshold the arrow can change color and orientation, making it easier for you to keep track of it.


For more details on the Chargeback and Refund rates, the dashboard contains a separate widget, that displays visual indicators of threshold exceeding.

Depending the rate score and threshold exceeding risk, the widget displays different colors: green (low rate and risk), orange (moderate rate and risk) and red (high rate and risk or threshold exceeded).

If you need further details about the Chargeback or Refund rates, you can use the buttons embed in the widget, which act as redirect to the main reports. 



Sales overview

  • Monitor your sales scores and trends for all your sales channels and separated for each channel. The widget displays the total sales value, the average order value (average value of all orders placed) and the total number of orders placed.
  • The values are calculated for the interval set and depending on the filters that were applied (the channel selected), and displayed in comparison with the trends of the previous period.
  • The widget contains an export button that allows you to pull the data displayed in different formats, therefore allowing you to build more coherent reports and ensuring a better data interpretation.


Order trend monitoring

This widget allows you to:

  • Monitor your order tendencies for the current interval in comparison with the previous period.
  • Filter the data displayed, based on the sales channels.
  • Export the chart in different formats for better reporting and data interpretation, using the button integrated in the widget.
  • Get easy access to the order report section through the button included into the widget.



Subscription trends and customer evolution

The subscription chart allows you to track your subscriptions trend evolution, both for your active ones and those that are past due. Given the fact the subscriptions are in direct correlation with your customer retention rate, you can monitor your customer pool evolution.

The evolution is registered under the total number of customers and the new ones that purchased one of your subscriptions, against those that have canceled the subscription.


Renewal trends

Keep track of your subscription renewal trends with a widget that shows details and evolution for both automatic and manual renewals.



Account balance

Always keep track of your revenue with the Account balance widget. This report provides you information about:

  • Total order value for each transactional currency.
  • Overview of the total order value for each of your sales channels.
  • Live monitoring over the fees and taxes that were applied to your sales.
  • Total estimated revenue that was generated for the given interval.


What’s new

What’s new Get easy access to the news feed and stay informed about all new features that are continuously released. Even though the section contains only the most recent ones, you can also check the older news with a click on the “See all the articles” button.