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ConvertPlus URL parameters


Use 2Checkout ConvertPlus to provide your customers with a swift and safe payment experience. Depending on your desired workflow, you can either create ordering interface links using our dedicated interface (ConvertPlus) or generate the parameters dynamically, in your own system.

2Checkout enables you to use ConvertPlus with both catalog products and with products generated dynamically via buy link parameters.


Eligible 2Checkout accounts. Contact 2Checkout to inquire about ConvertPlus. 


To use ConvertPlus dynamic ordering, pass the dynamic parameter with TRUE or 1 value. When creating orders with catalog products, the prod parameter should contain the product code of your catalog item. For dynamic ordering, the prod parameter should contain the name of your dynamic product.  

  1. Start from the base ConvertPlus buy link:
  2. Add your merchant code to the buy link, so that 2Checkout links the sale to your account. Your merchant code can be found in your Control Panel, in the Account Information area. Example: merchant=2COLRNC.

  3. Set the dynamic parameter to TRUE or 1.

  4. Add product information such as product typename, price, and quantity.

  5. Include additional product information, such as recurring options or customer redirect URL.

The following buy-link reproduces a dynamic ordering experience:
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