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How does the Upgrade affect me?


We know you're excited about the new platform, and must have lots of questions about the changes brought over by the upgrade process.

We're ready to answer any questions you may have regarding your new Admin Area and your previous account settings. 

Buy links and ordering capabilities

Your current buy buttons continue to work as before. Your integration with third-party shopping cart applications, such as Shopify or WooCommerce, is not affected by the upgrade process, and you can continue using connectors for delivering a high quality shopping experience to your customers.

The platform upgrade brings you ConvertPlus, a cart template designed to help you sell better, globally. ConvertPlus simplifies the payment process for your customers, while providing a localized experience through +30 languages available in cart.

ConvertPlus is fully customizable via Cart Editor, a modern visual interface that allows you to personalize the payment experience for your customers.

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Historical data AND current renewals

All your historical data (orders/transactions) can be found in your new 2Checkout Admin Area. You have full access to your existing information in the new Reporting area.

Your existing renewal orders will be re-charged according to the setup you have in place on your account. They will be marked accordingly in your new Admin Area as soon as they are renewed.

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account setup

Your existing user credentials can be used for logging into your new 2Checkout Admin Area.

There is no additional change required for you before accessing your new account. The user roles defined in the previous Admin Area continue to apply. As the new Admin Area contains additional sections that allow you to access new functionalities, you can create new roles that restrict or expand the access rights of your users.

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INSTANT Notifications service

Your Instant Notification Service configuration is not affected by the upgrade process. You will continue to receive the same level of information (parameters), based on the same event triggers. As the structure of the INS remains unchanged, we have added new improvements on the overall systems, such as:

  • You can now add multiple endpoints that receive the notifications, in case you have more than one system which needs to receive the information.
  • You can now customize the parameters sent as part of the Instant Notification Service, in case you don't need to receive all the parameters from the notification.

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Your current payout settings are not affected by the upgrade process.

You can continue to use the same bank account, PayPal account or Payoneer details to receive your funds at the end of the billing period. The frequency with which we issue your payments has not changed, and no fees have been introduced.

API integration

We know how important APIs are for your daily activities. Your API integration is not affected by the upgrade process, and you can continue using the same methods for placing orders, retrieving sales, or for other administrative purposes (creating products, price options, coupons). 

Your new platform contains extended API functionalities, that allow you to automate additional tasks and processes from your systems. To use the new API version, you need to use a different authentication flow.

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