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Account identity verification


2Checkout complies with regulatory obligations worldwide and is committed to providing a secure platform for all our customers. This is why we are asking you to confirm your identify and provide proof of ownership of your company. Account identity verification is a process referred to as "Know Your Customer" (KYC). We've simplified the process of supplying all valid, relevant documents, which should take you only a few minutes, and we appreciate your cooperation when it comes to verifying your information and reducing risk.


Provide scanned copies of valid, relevant documents (i.e. don't include expired documents).


New accounts

1. Sign-up for a 2Checkout account.

2. Newly created 2Checkout accounts undergo a review. Navigate to the Know your customer area and upload scanned copies of relevant documents from the checklist in this article. This will accelerate the review process and you can start selling and accepting transactions from customers worldwide.

3. Work with 2Checkout underwriting team to help validate your information.

Existing accounts

As regulatory and compliance obligations change over time, 2Checkout can request additional valid, relevant documents to verify your identity and proof of ownership of your company. Upload scanned copied of documents in the Know your customer area.

KYC document checklist

The document checklist is different for individuals and for businesses/companies.


  • Valid government issued ID such as a passport or national identity card.
  • Valid address proof, such as electricity bill, telephone bill (no older than 2 months from the date when you upload the scanned copies).
  • Any other valid, relevant documents that can prove your identity(in addition to the government issued ID).

Companies/ Business Entities

  • Company ownership documents (such as Articles of Incorporation or Organization, showing beneficial ownership).
  • Tax identification documents
    • Europe - TIN or other relevant documentation
    • US - SSN / TIN / PTIN or other relevant documentation
  • Valid government issued ID such as a passport or national identity card. Include DOB, for anybody with 10% or more ownership in the company.
  • Any other valid, relevant documents that can prove your identity and offer proof of ownership for your company.
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