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Avangate is now 2Checkout

Avangate, the global eCommerce and subscription billing platform for software, SaaS, and digital solutions, has announced its acquisition of 2Checkout, a global payment processor on April 3rd, 2017. The combined company will offer the industry’s most comprehensive product and service suite in the subscription billing and eCommerce space, linking payment model flexibility with advanced eCommerce, recurring revenue management, and marketing capabilities on a global level.

The combined corporation will use the 2Checkout name. Have a look at the FAQ section below for any inquiries you may have regarding the rebranding process.

Why are you changing the name of the company?

We achieved many milestones under the Avangate company and product name, becoming leaders in the digital commerce market for software and SaaS. However, the name has also caused difficulties, mostly due to uncertainty as to its meaning and pronunciation.

We think that the 2Checkout name is easier to say and spell, and we also believe it reflects what we do: make it easy to sell products and services digitally all over the world. 

Why are you changing the branding?

We are changing the branding to reflect the new identity of 2Checkout and present a unified image to merchants and shoppers of both companies (2Checkout and Avangate). New branding will help all of us communicate more coherently and be part of the same story.

When are you changing the branding?

To make the rebranding to 2Checkout as simple and smooth as possible, we will do it in two phases:

  • Starting May 8, 2018, we will update all the branding that impacts merchants like you.
  • Starting June 19, 2018, we will update everything that impacts shoppers (your clients).

What will this update mean for us, your merchants?

The main changes that will impact you are:

 What do I have to do?

To make the rebranding as simple and smooth as possible, you just need to do two things:

Starting on June 19, please update our Company Name, Logo and Description on your website:

  • Company name: Avangate BV becomes 2Checkout
  • Company description: Avangate -> 2Checkout
  • Logo: A high-resolution logo can be found here: JPG or PNG.

If you offer subscription products, we recommend emailing your customer database to let them know about the change. We can support you with this process, which will help minimize confusion for your shoppers.

How will shoppers (our clients) be affected?

The main changes that will affect shoppers are:

  • Company Name – we will use 2Checkout exclusively going forward
  • Buy Links – existing buy links will work just like before; all new links will be generated with 2Checkout
    • To keep an optimum cart loading time, your existing buy links will still point to We suggest generating new buy links that contain the domain
  • Card descriptors / statements – descriptors will be updated to*yourwebsite (or the name you chose as a descriptor in cPanel)
  • Email Senders – email senders and verbiage will be updated to 2Checkout
  • Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy – will be updated to 2Checkout
  • Invoices 2Checkout will appear on the invoices
  • Shopper myAccount link – will be updated to

Will the website change? 

Yes, we will have a new website that will reflect our new brand identity using a new domain name ( and new design (logo, icons, colors, fonts, etc).

Note that we will also use a new domain name for Shopper myAccount:

Will the contract or contractual terms change?

No, the contracts will remain as they are now. No updates are needed.

Will we see an increase in chargebacks due to brand update?

We will take all the necessary measures to ensure that chargeback rates won’t increase. Some of the preemptive actions are:

  •  automations and URL redirects.
  •  advanced communication plans to notify shoppers about the change.

How will the payment show on the customer’s bank statement? 

The way the payment is displayed will depend on the level of customization and personalization you purchased. On the customer’s bank statement, the payment will show as*yourwebsite (or the name you chose as a descriptor in cPanel).

Will customers be able to identify what they purchased?

Yes, we will continue to offer the same tracking capabilities: transaction lookup, order lookup, self-service myAccount and 24x7 International Shopper support.

What happens with recurring payments? Will my customers be notified about the change?

Yes, we will notify the shoppers in advance about this change on all channels. We recommend that you proactively notify your customers in July 2018 as well.

How does this impact me if I own a custom domain?

If you own a custom domain, the brand change will not impact your shoppers.

Will I need to use a different URL to log in?

While both login links will work, we recommend that you save the new login URL:

Will this change impact my tracking tools (eg, Google Analytics, Adobe, etc)?

Adobe integration are not affected.

There will be no impact on standard Google Analytics integration. If you have advanced Google Analytics integration that use old Avangate links, please review them starting June 19.

What will happen to my customized shopping cart or email templates?

We’ll work with you to update customized shopping cart and email templates. We strongly recommend that you update the logo (if available) with the new 2Checkout logo and the name of the company (change from Avangate to 2Checkout) starting June 19.

Does this rebranding affect the quality of the services and platform?

No, this change will affect neither the services nor the platform. As you know, we are constantly investing in our platform both in terms of improved infrastructure and enhanced product flexibility and usability.

What happens if I use the Avangate name after June 19?

We strongly advise you to update the branding for an enhanced shopper buying experience as well as improved conversions on manual renewals. Updating the branding will also help your shoppers recognize the 2Checkout brand on their bank statements.

Where can I find a good quality 2Checkout logo I can use on my website?

A high-resolution logo can be found here: JPG or PNG.

What will happen if shoppers try to access the old myAccount?

Shoppers trying to access the old myAccount link will be redirected to the new URL.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about this change?

Feel free to address any questions with your account manager or using the usual channels of communication with us (Live chat from Control Panel,,

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