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Set recurring options for your products


Set up different renewal prices for subscriptions and configure recurring charges. You can set up the billing cycles right from the Renewal tab of the Control Panel when editing a product. The billing cycle defines the time interval between the initial billing date and the renewal charge. You can set your license with the option of one time fee (non-renewing), to renew on a monthly basis, or to renew on a daily basis.

Changing the billing cycle for a subscription plan comes into effect only after existing, active subscriptions renew. 

Subscription billing cycle workflow

Following the initial acquisitions, at the end of the billing cycle, the 2Checkout system can:

  • Automatically renew the subscription generated for the purchased product if shoppers enabled recurring billing. 
  • Send manual renewal links to the shoppers who opted out of recurring billing. 

Global renewal settings

Select the Renewal Settings tab under Setup->Renewal and set the global renewal options to apply to all the products for which 2Checkout generates subscriptions .

When customers buy a subscription, they'll have the option to Enable auto-renewals. You can configure the 2Checkout system to have this option automatically checked by default for all products that are using the renewal system. When selecting the Enable auto-renewal option during the purchase process, shoppers enroll into the automatic renewal system, enabling 2Checkout to set in place a recurring charge schedule for their subscription based on the billing cycle setup.

Shoppers have the option to uncheck the box next to the Enable auto-renewal for this order ahead of placing their order, and also to cancel automatic renewals by accessing their 2Checkout myAccount.

In the eventuality that shoppers decide not to enroll into the automatic renewal system, 2Checkout sends out email notifications when subscriptions are about to expire. These email notifications inform shoppers that they need to purchase subscription renewals.

The 2Checkout system allows you to control the intervals of time when expiration notifications will be sent out to customers, both per-product, and via the Global Renewal Settings. Any changes of the Global Renewal Setting will impact all offerings that have the Renewal status enabled, but will be overridden by per-product subscription settings.

How to set renewal notifications?

The 2Checkout system notifies your shoppers when their subscription is close to expiration via email. You can opt to:

  • Send emails according to the global renewal notification settings
  • Create individual renewal notification settings for this product

Both options enable you to control the number of notification messages sent to customers, as well as when they should receive them. Whether their subscription is set to manual payment or automatic renewal, shoppers can get email notifications at various time period before or after the expiration date of their subscription.

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