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Set up products and subscription plans


Use your Control Panel to set up products / subscription plans and offer shoppers:

  • Evergreen (one time fee) products/subscriptions
  • Renewing subscriptions

How to create a new product?

  1. Navigate to Setup Products, create a new item and go through the initial stages of product setup. You'll be able to configure a billing cycle and recurring costs immediately, and you can fine tune setting with the advanced options for subscription pricing and renewal. 
  2. Configure recurring and manual charges, local pricing and currencies, pricing options, and renewal discounts,  under the Pricing tab. 
  3. Set up billing cycles, contracts, and renewal notifications under the Renewal tab.


Some information is required when creating a new product/subscription plan. Make sure you fill in the mandatory product information:


Use unique names to identify your products. Localize product names names to increase conversion in different markets.

Product code

Map product identifiers in your system with products in 2Checkout. If you do not supply a product code, 2Checkout generates a random string instead.

Product type

Regular - standalone product.

Bundle - the item is part of a bundle you sell as a standalone product. You need to create at least 2 products before setting up your first bundle.

Default currency

2Checkout defaults to this currency during the purchase process. Note that localized payment methods generally only support a limited number of currencies.

Price type

  • Dynamic pricing (with base price - you do not check 'This product does not have a base price') - Dynamic pricing (with base price) is a basic charge configuration. 2Checkout supports both one-time and recurring dynamic pricing, and offers the possibility to control various cost components through product options pricing. 

  • Static pricing (without base price) This product does not have a base price' - Static pricing (without base price) configurations enable you to control product costs for each possible combination of options available to shoppers in the cart.


Product price per billing cycle. Available only when you don't check the 'This product does not have a base price' option. 

Billing cycle

The interval of time (in days or months) at the end of which either 2Checkout renews the subscription automatically through a recurring charge, or the subscriber purchases a renewal manually.  

Currency conversion

  •  Let 2Checkout auto convert to other currencies during ordering process.
  • Or set price manually per currency.

How to set pricing?

Products with base price

Access guidance on configuring custom recurring charges. 

A number of options are available, including matching the costs of renewals to those of the initial purchases and configuring a renewal base price independent of the price first paid by subscribers. You can define individual prices for each currency and option, not necessarily based on a formula. For subscriptions sold initially based on a base price, when setting a renewal base price, 2Checkout applies all active pricing options to the new base price.

Products without base price

Access guidance on configuring custom recurring charges. 

Matching the costs of renewals to those of the initial purchases is an option that's also available for products without a base price. In addition, you get the possibility to also set renewal prices manually, according to the overall pricing strategy associated with the subscription.

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