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2Checkout's Minimum Transfer Limit

Minimum Transfer Limit

The minimum transfer limit is the threshold value you need to exceed in order to receive payouts from 2Checkout. This is defined in your payout currency value and can be changed from your Merchant Control Panel.

When adding a new payout option to your account, you can set the minimum transfer limit to be used for the payout option you are adding. Alternatively, you can adjust the transfer limit set for currently active payout options.

Editing your transfer limit

To update your minimum transfer limit, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Control Panel → Account Settings → Financial details.
  2. In your Defined payout details section, click on the Change button next to the minimum transfer limit amount.
  3. Enter the new minimum transfer limit value and click Save.

payout limit.png


Question: What is the minimum transfer limit value that I can set on my account?

Based on your 2Checkout package, the minimum value for the transfer limit can be either 50 or 100 USD/EUR/GBP, regardless of the payout option you use. In case you are paid in a currency different than USD, GBP or EUR, then your transfer limit will be the converted value of either 50 or 100 USD (based on your package) in your payout currency. Example: 3500 Indian rupees.

Question: Do my cPanel changes of transfer limit apply instantly?

Transfer limit changes from Control Panel apply instantly on your account, with one exception. If you have a payout that is due the day you make the change or the day after, the transfer limit value will start to apply with the next payout cycle.

Example: You perform a change in your transfer limit on April 24th. You already have some invoices that are due to be paid on April 25th. 2Checkout informs you that your new transfer limit has been set, but this value will become effective after 2Checkout will issue your payment on April 25th.

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