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A list of FAQs meant to help merchants navigate the payment and payout processes easier and in a clearer manner.

1. Why didn’t I receive the payment?

There are multiple reasons for which your payment might be delayed. Here are the most common:

  • The payment was processed but it hasn’t been credited to your account yet. In this case, the merchant must wait for the transfer which might take up to a few days depending on the region.
  • The payment was processed but 2Checkout encountered an error. The merchant must contact the 2Checkout financial team to correct the transfer details and a new payment will be attempted manually afterward.
  • The payment was not processed, because your account is under verification from the 2Checkout risk department.
  • The payment was not processed, because no payment details were available from the merchant's side.

2. Can you change the minimum transfer limit?

The minimum transfer limit is the threshold value you need to exceed in order to receive payouts from 2Checkout. This is defined in your payout currency value and can be changed from your Merchant Control Panel. When adding a new payout option to your account, you can set the minimum transfer limit to be used for the payout option you are adding. Alternatively, you can adjust the transfer limit set for currently active payout options.

3. How can I withdraw payments to my account?

Payments are processed automatically by 2Checkout and, depending on your account type and business model, the payments are done weekly, bi-weekly or monthly provided they are within the minimum transfer limit. This means you cannot manually withdraw your funds from your 2Checkout/Payoneer/bank account.

4. What is the rolling reserve? What is the percentage of the retained reserve? When do I receive the reserve held?

As a merchant using 2Checkout as your online payment processor, you may have noticed that a percentage of your total sales is held in your account at all times. This amount is called a Reserve and corresponds to a set percentage of sales (5% of each payment on rolling base) that has been designated to stay in your 2Checkout merchant account on a rolling 90-day basis. Find out more details about rolling reserve here.

5. How much is the transfer fee for a payout?

Depending on your payout method, different taxes might apply. Read more details on payout transfer fees here and here.

6. Can I receive payment in another currency?

You can receive payments in either USD, EUR or GBP, but you can choose only one currency at a time, and you have the option to enable/disable payout currencies from your Merchant Control Panel. Keep in mind that any payout details changes submitted by the merchant must be approved by the 2Checkout Financial department. 

7. How can I change my payout method?

You can change your payout method from your 2Checkout Merchant Control Panel. Any payout details changes submitted by the merchant must be approved by the 2Checkout Financial department.

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