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Payout settings

Adding/Editing payout details

All requests for modifying or changing the payout details of your account must be approved by the 2Checkout’s Financial Operations team.

You (merchant) can edit your existing payout details from your Control Panel dashboard using a much more dynamic and easy to use interface. Follow the steps below to add or edit your payout details:

  1. Start by logging into your 2Checkout account and then navigate to your cPanel. 
  2. Once you are logged in, in the upper-right corner, click on the drop-down menu and then go to Settings (your account settings), as shown in the image below. 


3. On the Account settings page, scroll down to the Payout details section, and click on the Add details button, as shown below.


4. On the Financial details page, you'll be able to add or edit the information 2Checkout uses to issue payouts for your account. Once you've selected the payout method and the payout currency from the drop-down menus shown in the image below, input the rest of the required details (bank name, beneficiary name, bank account, SWIFT, bank address and bank country) and click the Edit button. After submitting your request, 2Checkout will review your payout information update within 2 days from the submission date. 


You can select multiple payout methods for the same account provided that you select different currencies for each of them. 

You (merchant) are allowed to edit or add payout details only if there is no other change request under review by 2Checkout for that payout method on your account. Any payout details changes will not be considered for new payouts until they are submitted by the merchant and approved by the 2Checkout Financial department. While your request is pending approval from the 2Checkout Financial department, your account will be placed in 'Restricted' mode.


5. After pressing the Submit button, a message will inform you that the changes were successfully submitted. You'll also be notified by email after submitting your new payout details.