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How to test your Shopify integration

Testing your Shopify integration

To test the integration between your Shopify store and 2Checkout (your payment processor/provider), follow the steps below:

  1. For this test, you need to place a test order with a real transaction.
  2. Before placing a test order with a real transaction, make sure that you've set up the payment provider to 2Checkout. If you haven't done this already, navigate to your Shopify control panel, click on Settings and go to Payment providers to select 2Checkout from the drop-down menu.
  3. Go to your Shopify store to place an order as a customer would.


4. Select a product.


5. Add the product to the shopping cart.


6. Proceed to checkout by filling in your details.



7. Make sure to use genuine credit card details.


7. Finalize your test order.


8. After placing the order and the payment is made, log in to your 2Checkout account, go to your control panel and make sure the transaction was authorized and the funds were processed, as shown in the image below.


9. Once you are done testing your Shopify-2Checkout integration, make sure to cancel the order as soon as possible to refund yourself and avoid paying any transaction fees.

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