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2Checkout upgrade - FAQ

Note to user NOTE:  This article is designed to help 2Checkout upgraded merchants get started in their new Admin Area. 

Frequently asked questions - 2Checkout upgrade

Ordering process and shopping cart

Can I continue using the buy links generated in my previous platform?

Yes, your buy links continue to work as expected and your ordering flow has not been affected by the upgrade process. Your new Admin Area allows you to generate new buy links with a brand new checkout experience: ConvertPlus. Learn more about ConvertPlus, and how it can help drive your business upwards by checking this article.

Will my current shopping cart integration continue to work?

The shopping cart integration flows have not been affected by the upgrade process. You can continue using the same shopping cart application, for providing your customers with the checkout experience you want.

What payment methods do I have available in the new Admin Area?

You can use Credit Cards and PayPal to receive payments from your customers.

What transactional currencies are available in the new platform?

Right now, you benefit from the same number of currencies for incoming purchases. Switch to ConvertPlus to benefit from over 100 transactional currencies for displaying the right price for your customers. Check here the full list of display currencies available on ConvertPlus.

What languages do my customers have available on the new platform?

At this moment, you have the same number of cart languages available. Use the ConvertPlus checkout to benefit from 30+ languages that you can use for providing a localized selling experience to your customers.

Can I still use Inline Cart for processing orders?

You can continue using Inline Checkout and offer your customers a streamlined payment experience on your website. The new Admin Area offers an upgraded version of the Inline Checkout that will provide increased satisfaction with the shopping process. To enjoy the new Inline Checkout experience, replace your existing JavaScript library with the one available in the new Admin Area, in the Setup > Generate Links area. Learn more about Inline Checkout by reading this article.

What happens with my existing orders that are about to renew?

Your recurring payments will be processed according to their current setup. 


What happens with the Instant Notifications Service?

Your notifications system is not affected by the platform upgrade process. You continue to receive the same level of information, in the same format, to the endpoints you have set up in the previous Admin Area. The new Admin Area allows you to add multiple endpoints that receive the notifications, as well as to customize the set of parameters passed. Learn more about the Instant Notification Service.

Can I still use my Payment and Admin API?

The current Payment and Admin API methods remain in place together with the authentication flow. The new platform offers a new API version (2Checkout API 6.0) that aims to expand your current capabilities. Learn more about the API upgrade process.


What information can I find in my new Admin Area?

All your historical orders/transactions can be found in your new Admin Area and can be accessed from the Reporting section. The new Reporting area will allow you viewing and exporting access for your orders/customers/subscription data.

How can I access reports on the new platform?

Access your reports from the Reports Center area. You are able to view and export predefined platform reports that contain information related to your account activity/performance. You can also create and retrieve custom reports in case the information you are looking for is not available out of the box. Learn more about the new reporting area.

How are refunds and chargebacks handled in the new platform?

The refund and chargeback processes are not affected by the upgrade process. The new platform brings a dedicated Chargeback and Refunds team committed to handling all incoming chargeback and refund requests, for providing a better experience both to you and your customers during this process.

Finance and payouts

How/When do I get paid?

Your payouts are sent based on the existing setup on your account. The payout schedule remains unchanged, with payments being made on a weekly basis.

Can I still change my bank account for payouts?

Yes, the new Admin Area allows you to update your payout information. 

Are there any new fees associated with the new Admin Area?

There are no fees associated with your new Admin Area. 

Account setup

Can I create new users and user roles in the new Admin Area?

The users and roles you had in the previous platform continue to apply. The new Admin Area allows you to create new users or edit existing ones while defining advanced roles that control their access.

Are my customers affected by the upgrade process?

Your account upgrade also brings additional benefits for your customers. Your shoppers now have access to a Customer Portal that allows them to manage their orders, get support or change their customer information.

Learn more about 2Checkout customer myAccount.

How do I get support in the new Admin Area?

Live Technical support is available right from the Admin Area interface, by clicking on the Live tech support button. You can also contact our Technical Support team via email, at

Learn more about getting help in the new 2Checkout platform.


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