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Master card authorization rates in Brazil

Push the authorization rate for card purchases from Brazil up to 90%. The secret is "going local." Brazilian shoppers use credit or debit cards for over 70% of online purchases with 80% of those cards issued by local banks and offering support only for Brazilian Real (R$). The vast majority of transactions involve locally-issued Visa and MasterCard, but Brazilians also use EloHipercard and American Express for some 15% of card payments.


If you want a short answer to the question How do I master card authorization rates in Brazil? just look at the graph below.


To summarize, almost 9 out of every 10 transactions with local Brazilian cards authorize successfully. Compare that to only 3 out of every 10 transactions with international cards. Installments are a key characteristic of the Brazilian payments culture and also critical in pushing authorization rates to 90%.

2Checkout offers up to 6 installments for all Brazilian cards (with a minimum value of 5 BRL each), VisaMasterCard, EloHipercard and American Express.


Contact 2Checkout today and check out the self-service area of the control panel to start collecting revenue from Brazil by enabling your shoppers to use locally-issued cards.

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